White-Nose Syndrome

Today I found out that White-Nose Syndrome(WNS) was found in Texas, which is home to Bracken Cave, a huge bat hibernating colony. WNS was found on three species of bats that were hibernating in north-east Texas; two of these bats, the Townsend’s Big-Eared bat and the Cave Myotis, were thought to be one of the bats […]

WNS is Found in Texas

I found out yesterday that White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) has spread to Minnesota. The first place the WNS was confirmed was in Soudan Underground Mine State Park. WNS has killed 5.7 billion bats and has traveled to 27 US states and 5 Canadian provinces. If you would like the to read the full article on the spread of […]

WNS Spreads To Minnesota

This article is about White-nose syndrome, what it is, and what it does. White-nose syndrome (WNS) is a cold loving white fungus that grows on a bat’s wings, and face. The reason that this kills millions of bats pear year is because the fungus uses up the bats energy and wakes them up from hibernation […]

White-Nose Syndrome