These are all of my batty books that, you might want to read with me!


America’s Neighborhood Bats: Understanding and Learning to live in Harmony with Them, by Merlin D. Tuttle

This book is a must have for any bat lover. Merlin D. Tuttle, is one of the reasons that people know and care about bats. This book is very good, it tells you about different types of bats and how to interact with them.

Beginner’s guide to Bats, by Kim Williams, Rob Mies Donald, and Lillian Stokes

This is a good book for information on a specific type of bat. This was my first bat book, I got it from Oregon Caves.

The Bat Scientists, by Mary Kay Carson

This is a good book for people who do not know a lot about bats, it has amazing photos throughout the book.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bats, by Rose Houk.

This is a very quick read, but it has some pretty good information about bats; I recommend it for people who do not know much about bats.

Hanging with Bats: Ecobats, Vampires, and Movie Stars, by Karen Taschek

This is a good book for kids to read, and has very good information about bats in general.


Currently Reading:

Bats of Carlsbad Caverns National Park, by Kenneth N. Geluso, J. Scott Altenbach, and Ronal C. Kerbo

I am currently reading this book so I will not give a recommendation yet.

Bats: a World of Science and Mystery, by M. Brock and Nancy B. Simmons

This book is wonderful, it is a complicated book about bats but is definitely one of my favorites!

Hanging with Bats: Ecobats, Vampires, and Movie Stars, by Karen Taschek

I have not read very much of it yet but it is interesting.

Bats of the United States, by Michael J. Harvey, J. Scott Altenbach, and Troy L. Best

This book is very interesting, it has some basic info on bats, and a few specific types of bats.

Bats of Colorado, David M. Armstrong, Rick A. Adams, Kirk W. Navo, Jerry Freeman, and Steven S. Bissell

This is not a book but a magazine, I have not started reading it yet but it looks good!

The Secret Lives of Bats: My Adventures with the World’s Most Misunderstood Mammals, by Merlin D. Tuttle

This is Merlin Tuttle’s most recent book, and I have just started reading it. It’s already so exciting!

Bats of the United States and Canada, by J. Scott Altenbach, Michael J. Harvey, and Troy L. Best

I have not started reading this one yet because of all the other ones I am reading right now! It is about the diversity of the bats in the USA and Canada, and some overall info on bats.


You might want to look at this link for other batty books that I have not read yet!