Many people are very worried about the Zika virus. Since Zika is carried by mosquitoes, people have been putting up bat houses so they would have less mosquitoes. I Love that people are doing this because it helps bats since so much of their habitat is being destroyed. And who would not want bats in their yard??


I found a very interesting article on White Nose Syndrome (WNS) in Georgia. I found the article extremely interesting, and I hope that you will too! If you want to know what WNS is I wrote a post about it a few months ago. I am sad to say that WNS has also been confirmed in Rhode […]


A few weeks ago the bats returned to Bracken Cave and Carlsbad Caverns National Park, or as I like to call it “Carlsbat Caverns”. I am so glad that these bats have returned to their summer roost! I hope that I will see them soon! Please tell me if you have been to any bat […]

The Bats Are Back!

I hope you all are having a wonderfully batty mother’s day! I thought that this video for Lubee would make it even more “Bat-Tastic”! Enjoy, and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day!

Kuri is the only Spectacled Flying Fox in the USA that is here legally. She lives at Lubee Bat Conservancy, and is very happy there! I saw her at Lubee on Photo Day, and when I heard her story I knew that I had to share it with you. One morning Lubee found a Spectacled Flying […]

Kuri The Spectacled Flying Fox

I am sorry that I did not post about this sooner, but I still wanted to wish you a happy belated Bat Appreciation Day! I hope you found a way to celebrate, if you did please tell me! If you want to know why bats are awesome, go to this link to know why.

Bat appreciation Day 2016!

The Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox(Acerodon jubatus) also known as the Golden-Capped Fruit bat is one the largest bats in the world. It has an over 5ft wingspan and can weigh up to 2.6 pounds. It is called the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox because of the golden-orange fur around its head. This bat is only found in the […]

The Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox

The Sugarloaf Key Bat Tower, or Perky’s Bat Tower, was built in 1929 by Richter Clyde Perky to help get rid of a very serious bug problem they had. Sadly, bats are very rare in the Florida Keys so it has never been inhabited by bats. This 30ft bat tower cost him 30,000 dollars to build! The […]

The Sugarloaf Key Bat Tower