WNS is Found in Texas

Today I found out that White-Nose Syndrome(WNS) was found in Texas, which is home to Bracken Cave, a huge bat hibernating colony. WNS was found on three species of bats that were hibernating in north-east Texas; two of these bats, the Townsend’s Big-Eared bat and the Cave Myotis, were thought to be one of the bats that could not contract WNS, but know we know that they can. Six outbreaks of WNS have happened in Texas so far. The area around Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico is the most heavily concentrated region of bats in the world. The only thing that I am happy to announce is that there have been no further outbreaks on the west coast. For those of you who do not know what WNS is, please look at my article on it. If you want to find out more about the WNS found in Texas, here is the article Bat Conservation International put out this afternoon.

wns mapwns map

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