NPR Threatens Bats 5

A few days ago NPR posted a article called, Why Killer Viruses Are On The Rise; this blog post said that bats are very dangerous and carry lots of viruses. I believe that NPR is making people even more afraid of bats and other animals. Posts like this one make people want to kill bats because they are afraid. NPR is helping reverse the hard work that bat conservationists, like Merlin Tuttle and Rob Mies, have been working on for years to make people less afraid of bats. If you would like to help, there are suggestions on Merlin Tuttle’s website. When I heard about the NPR post, I emailed NPR and said that I do not appreciate how they are portraying bats!  We can make a difference!

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5 thoughts on “NPR Threatens Bats

  • Sherri

    I’m glad you sent NPR a note about this. Bats are so important to our economy, yet most people don’t realize. Thank you for leading the way for the next generation of wildlife advocates.

  • Michele Kane

    Good for you, Eliza! I am really pleased to know that you are taking appropriate action and making your stance known. I believe it is really essential that when a person
    feels strongly about something that they not only learn the facts but that they move from knowledge to action. Kudos!