Places To See Bats When You Travel 1

I have found that it is hard to find good places to see bats until you are already there. Last week I found a very good list of places to see bats. The list covers places that range from the US to Africa, and a few places in between. Some of the batty places that caught my eye are, Devil’s Sinkhole in TX, Nickajack Cave bat platform in TN, Lewis and Clark Cavern State Park in MT, Wyandotte Caves in IN, and Buoyem Sacred Groves and Bat Caves in Ghana. I hope that one day I can go to all of these “Bat-Tastic” places!


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One thought on “Places To See Bats When You Travel

  • Barbara

    I’ve heard of the Wyandotte Cave in Indiana. Never knew that it was a famous for its bats. Keep the info coming. Was watching Surivor on tv last night and they were showing close ups of bats– I thought of you.