University of FL Gainesville Bat Houses 2

I realized that I have never mentioned the Gainesville Florida Bat Houses, so I decided to write a post about them! The first thing that you should know about these bat house is that they are huge! They are 18 feet square and made out of wood. Roughly 300,000 bats live in these bat houses and the species that live in the houses are Evening bats, Brazilian free-tail bats, and Southeastern Myotis bats. I have sadly never been to the University of FL bat houses but I hope that I can visit soon. If you have ever been to these bat houses I would love to know about your visit!


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2 thoughts on “University of FL Gainesville Bat Houses

  • Catherine

    Evening Bats were found in Southern Wisconsin; less than 30 miles from where I live! I sure would love to have them living in some of the tree cavities on our property. We have been thinking of putting a bat house on our home, can you recommend good sources for bat houses? We have significantly improved butterfly and frog/toad habitat and been rewarded with increased numbers, in the short time we’ve beeen here; I would like to do that for bats t00, we have not seen many. When I read the subject of the post, I was hoping it was a university fundraiser. Kind regards.