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Not all bats eat bugs. I have gotten many questions over time about what bats eat, so here is the answer; bats eat different things, depending on the bat!  Different bats eat bugs, small mammals, fish, nectar, fruit, blood, frogs, scorpions, and lizards. Most of the bats that live in the US eat bugs such as moths, beetles, and crop pests. Vampire bats are the most widely known, but their are only 3 species which all live in mexico and latin america. Vampire bats do not “Suck Blood” they actually lick it up after they make a small cut in the animal. Only one of the three species of vampire bats drink blood from mammals alone, another only drinks blood from animals like chickens, and the last of the three species of vampire bat drinks blood from both mammals and birds. A few nectar and pollen eating bats live in the US but most live in Mexico, these bats have very long tongues so they can get to the nectar. Most of the bats that live in Australia eat fruit like figs; many farmers are shooting these bats because they are “Crop Pests” but they actually help with seed dispersal and they only eat the fruit that is overripe. The fringed lipped bat is the only frog eating bat that I know of, and they live in latin america. My favorite bat which is the Pallid Bat, eats scorpions, small rodents, large centipedes, and other things too. My father calls the pallid bat “the kamikaze bat” because they will dive straight through brush to get to their food. The greater bulldog bat is the only bat that eats fish; it uses its echolocation to find a small fish and then the bat flies low over the water to catch it; this bat lives in latin america. I know, the US has the most boring bats!


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  • Marion Alston

    Beautiful picture Eliza, I think the bats I remember are also fruit eating bats. I love the education on bats you provide in this forum. Thanks so much Eliza.