National Park Centennial! 2

Today is the day that the National Park Service turns 100 years old! Some of my favorite batty places are at NPS sites, like; Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Aztec Ruins National Monument, and Oregon Caves National Park. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, is in New Mexico and is home to thousands of Mexican or Brazilian free-tailed bats as well as 17 other species of bats that also live in the park boundaries. Aztec Ruins National Monument has a small colony of Townsend Big-Eared bats living in their reconstructed Kiva. Oregon Caves National Park is home to at least 8 out of 15 of Oregon’s bat species: their bats include: Townsend Big-Eared Bats, Yuma Bats, Long-Eared Myotis Bats, Silvered-Haired Bats, Big Brown Bats, Western Small-Footed Bats, California Myotis, Little Brown Myotis, and Fringed Myotis. I would love if you told me what you favorite National Park is!!


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