Evening Bats found in MN 2

I thought that you might want to know that in early July, a bat was caught in Minnesota, and it was discovered that this was an Evening Bat, which was odd because Minnesota was out of their range at the time but not any more. This is the original article about this.


The Evening Bat(Nycticeius humeralis), has dark brown fur and black wings, ears, and head. The Evening Bat is not very large, compared to other bats; their forearm length is about 34-37mm. The Evening Bat is commonly confused with Big Brown Bats(Eptesicus fuscus), but Big Brown Bats, as their name suggests, are larger than evening bats. Evening Bats primarily live in the southeast, and can be found as far west as Texas, and they roost in many different environments. These bats do not roost in caves, and, instead of hibernating, they migrate to warmer environments. Evening Bats enjoy eating moths and beetles, and other similar insects. If you would like to learn more about these bats this is a good article about them!


An Evening Bat roosting!!

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2 thoughts on “Evening Bats found in MN

  • Ziva

    That is absolutely the most adorable wee face.

    For the past two years, a baby bat ends up in our house at some point in the summer. We’ve managed to get the bats to fly out again, albeit mostly by getting out of their way. They are so tiny!!

    We live in MA, just outside of Boston. What kind of bat are likely to be around us?

    • Eliza Post author

      The type of bats that are most likely to live in your area are, Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats. Sadly, Little Brown Bats will be a lot less common because they are affected by WNS.